Safe Dock LLC

Eldon, Missouri  Lake of the Ozarks


Group and association discounts.
Reasonable rates.
Accurate estimates
Guaranteed Dock permit plan; Safe Dock will do all necessary repairs/upgrades to obtain your dock's electric permit for the contract price or we will fix it for FREE yes FREE.


Q: Why do I need electric permit for my dock, I already have my Ameren U.E. dock permit?
A: Dock owners on The Lake of the Ozarks are required to have a dock electric permit for any dock with electric power. This permit is in addition to your Ameren U.E. dock permit.
Q: Who do I contact to obtain this permit?
A: Your local fire district or Village of Four Seasons.
Q: How do I know if my dock needs repair?
A: Electric codes are avalible, click the Fire District link.
A: Contact Safe Dock for a dock electric inspection.
Q: If my dock need's repair what are my options?
A:You can repair it yourself, follow the codes and use compliant materials.
A: Click on Contact Safe Dock for any size job.
A: Remove the electric service from your dock.